Playground Design and Construction

Creating a natural playground is more than placing a few rocks and logs around the place. It is about immersing the child in a natural ecosystem so that they can interact with it. This leads to an understanding and appreciation of nature.

We believe that play is an essential part of a child’s cognitive, social and physical development.

Pleasantview Industries is a one stop Early Childhood Outdoor Environment Hub offering our clients a complete set of services to help them create new or upgraded existing playspaces smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

By designing & building playgrounds that offer a wide range of play opportunities we are nurturing the child’s development and long-term wellbeing.

Whilst we design playgrounds that comply with all current safety standards we also recognise that children need to encounter risk and challenges in order to grow, gain confidence and to acquire new skills.

Playground Design & Construction - Pleasantview Industries

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Site Survey– We will arrange for a surveyor to provide an accurate detailed site survey showing all structures, levels, vegetation and above and below ground services.
  • Predesign site meetings – Sitting down and listening to Centre and Area Managers and other staff and stakeholders to help understand their wants and needs. Carry out a visual site assessment to identify all issues that may impact the space then develop a design brief to address all the issues.
  • Concept Plan – We prepare a hand drawn concept plan based on the design brief and the client’s budget and present to all stakeholders for feedback.
  • Presentation of the final playground plan – We offer either hand drawn, coloured plans or rendered CAD drawings or even 3D rendered walkthrough presentations if required. Our designs are always unique because each site is different. We realise that a good design offers a great deal of choice for different play/ learning opportunities. Our designs address maintenance issues so the playground stays looking good for longer with minimal ongoing maintenance costs required.
  • Detailed Specifications – An essential document outlining what materials are to be used, the construction process that has to be followed and the quality of finishes required. We use the specifications to ensure that the project is constructed using environmentally sustainable materials wherever possible.
  • Itemised construction quotation and schedule of rates – This helps if the project needs to be pruned down to meet budget and also sets out the rates if a variation to the contract occurs during construction.
  • Staging Plan – Showing how we are going to undertake the construction whilst minimising disruption to the centre. It shows the number of square metres taken per stage, emergency exits, site safety fencing and construction access points. This document is required if you need to apply for a waiver of your minimum unencumbered outdoor space per child ratio during construction.
  • Program of Works – Presented as a Gantt Chart, itemising the start and finish date of each construction elements within each construction stage.
  • OHS&E Documentation – Prior to construction we prepare a site specific OHS&E manual for each project. This folder remains onsite for the duration of the construction and is updated daily. It contains SWMS’s/JSA’s, Site Rules, Toolbox Talk notes, Hazardous Materials and Personnel Registers and all other legislative requirements.
  • Construction – Our prices are extremely competitive, and our quality control is excellent. We pride ourselves on our workmanship. We have a large number of loyal sub-contractors on hand that understand what is required to work with us in a childcare setting. Any new sub-contractors are heavily vetted, required to be fully insured, licensed and hold current Working with Children numbers. All sub-contractors have to undergo a site induction prior to starting a project and contribute to the OHS&E manual. Because we work in the vicinity of children, safety is our highest priority and we are proud to say that in 37 years of construction we have never had a serious accident or an insurance claim of any kind. We try to disrupt the centre’s activities as little as possible and are aware that all noisy construction activity has to be limited to periods outside of children’s sleep times.