About Pleasantview Industries. Over 30 Years Experience in Playground Design & Construction

Pleasantview Industries was established in Sydney Australia in 1983.

In the intervening 30 years the company has grown into a successful landscape practice undertaking hundreds of projects ranging from small domestic projects to multi million dollar civil works and environmental restoration projects.

The main focus of our work however is the design and construction of playgrounds, in particular early childhood playgrounds for child care centres and kindergartens.

Because of our experience and knowledge of government regulations, Australian safety standards and construction techniques our clients have the reassurance that their playground will be designed to comply with all current Australian standards whilst providing a safe, adventurous environment in which children can play and learn.

We pride ourselves on our imaginative and innovative designs and the quality of our construction. We also take pride in being able to construct within budget and finish on time whilst taking all of our OH & S responsibilities very seriously- for each project we implement  a site specific Safety Plan.


Our design philosophy is to design and build playgrounds with a wide range of natural elements that enhance discovery based learning through play- whilst still catering for gross motor skill development. We rarely specify play equipment and we are not associated with any supplier of equipment, softfall or shade structures so our designs are based around the clients and children’s needs not around placing products.

We are passionate about providing the finest possible design for each site, and have some wonderfully loyal clients that we have been receiving repeat work from for over 16 years.

If you feel that you would like find out more about this firm I would be quite happy to meet with you or if you simply would like to give us the opportunity to price some work for you – please get in contact – you will find our pricing on both design work and construction very competitive.